In 2012, Natasha became interested in the brain-computer interface. Fascinated by the implications of technology that works like a mirror for the brain, she began combining neuroscience and art. At first, she was designing brain-computer interfaces as interactive art experiences. As time went on, the potential for self-regulation and implications for brain health were becoming more apparent. The field was just beginning to emerge and published literature was full of inconsistencies and holes. Her years of experience with brain data, programming, analyzing, and nuanced methodological considerations came in handy: she was able to implement, experiment, and innovate quickly. Natasha developed innovative algorithms that now make up the foundation  of the mobile brain engine powering xSensa’s products.

At xSensa we give you the power to change your brain, by providing a tool that allows you to develop specific brain functions related to your goals. 

xSensa’s mission is to open new paths, to optimize human performance and consciousness, and to bridge the gap between research and reality.

Our founder Natasha’s multidisciplinary background includes 16-years in computational neuroscience with over 80 peer-reviewed publications, combined with creative forays in the art world – from theatre production design to building art installations at Burning Man, and Toronto’s Nuit Blanche.