Activate Your Full Potential

xSensa is a suite of scientifically-proven solutions that helps users strengthen mental focus, and improve mood and clarity. xSensa introduces an innovative neuromodulation technique which allows users to exercise the right part of the brain in the right way to deliver real results.

Be Your Best Every Day


Destress and transition with xSensa’s unique adaptive style to help you regain emotional balance and calmness


xSensa helps take control of mood and emotions, allowing you to be in the driver's seat ​


xSensa stimulates creative thinking when you need to switch gears and generate new ideas


Use xSensa to be more focused, productive and efficient in your day to day activities

Quick and Effective Results

xSensa works in conjunction with a brain sensor incorporated into a lightweight headset. Like a heart-rate monitor, this sensor measures brain activity in real-time. With xSensa, you are in charge and can now develop your brain’s natural potential.

Just choose your objective and we’ll teach you how to rewire your brain. All you need is the xSensa app to access our revolutionary technology. 

How It Works


The brain orchestrates our thoughts, emotions and social behavior. The first step is to establish a connection with our brain and observe it in action.


The Secret sauce is in knowing which part of the brain to work on and how to stimulate it. xSensa precision training will get you immediate results while consistency will build your brain for lasting improvements.

Proven Results

xSensa’s trials indicate that users experience the following in as little as 27 days of use:

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13% increase in (spatial) memory

25% increase in reaction time

34% increase in cognitive control


We are all unique in our goals, capabilities and brain function. xSensa combines your emotional, cognitive and brain data to create unique algorithms to help you be your best each and everyday.


Being able to track your improvement is essential. xSensa will measure your psychometric scores and Neuromodulation changes as well as guide you to observe changes in your life.

Proven to improve your day-to-day performance

*headset sold separately

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Our Clients

There are many ways to boost your brain but nothing close to what xSensa is doing: they are turning sci-fi into reality.
Rui F David
Serial Entrepreneur and CTO
Sensaflow is remarkably intuitive to use...the impact on my overall mood, energy and creativity had objectively improved.
Sol Stanley
Beta Tester
The training is going great! I really love doing it and find the results very tangible. Yesterday I was able to stay 80%+ in the zone while actually writing!
Jill Golick
Award-winning Writer
I was in the Creative Zone and it felt awesome! I am starting to think in ways that I didn’t before. I feel great and that’s what matters.
Snezana Velimirovic
Beta tester