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xSensa is a suite of scientifically proven solutions that helps you strengthen attention, cognition, clarity and mental flexibility. xSensa introduces an innovative neuromodulation technique which allows you to exercise the right part of the brain in the right way to achieve real results.

Be Your Best Every Day


Improving your cognition will leave you feeling strong and confident in yourself and your abilities


As you become more focused and productive, you will be capable of achieving more in less time


xSensa stimulates creative thinking when you need to switch gears and generate new ideas


Better navigate life's demands with newly attained emotional balance and calmness

How it works

In performance coaching, one can learn skills and techniques that, if implemented, may improve effectiveness. These include time-management, behavioural changes, mindset restructuring, cognitive reasoning, etc.

Psychotherapy also known as talk therapy or counselling aims to help people improve their mental health and wellbeing. It involves talking about emotional and behavioral issues in order to find ways to cope with or overcome them.

xSensa training addresses performance and wellbeing from within the most important part of you, the brain. Strengthening the brain allows you to take on anything more effectively, to be more in command of your emotions and to make changes.

xSensa works with a brain sensor incorporated into a lightweight headset. Like a heart-rate monitor, this sensor measures brain activity in real time. Choose your objective and we’ll teach you how to rewire your brain accordingly. You  will use xSensa apps to access our revolutionary technology and observe your own brain data as it changes through consistent training. 


Why it works


The brain orchestrates our thoughts, emotions and social behavior. The first step is to establish a connection with your brain and observe it in action.


The secret sauce is in knowing which part of the brain to work on and how to stimulate it. xSensa precision training will get you rapid results while consistency will build your brain for lasting improvements.

Proven Results

xSensa’s trials indicate that users experience the following in as little as 27 days of use:

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13% increase in (spatial) memory

25% increase in reaction time

34% increase in cognitive control


We are all unique in our goals, capabilities and brain function. xSensa combines your emotional, cognitive and brain data to create unique algorithms to help you be your best, every day.


Being able to track your improvement is essential. xSensa uses objective tools to measure your progress. Our team will guide you as you observe and experience positive changes in your life.

Proven to improve your day-to-day performance

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Our Clients

There are many ways to boost your brain but nothing close to what xSensa is doing: they are turning sci-fi into reality.
Rui F David
Serial Entrepreneur and CTO
Sensaflow is remarkably intuitive to use...the impact on my overall mood, energy and creativity had objectively improved.
Sol Stanley
Beta Tester
I now feel like I have superpowers: I still use Sensaride as a preparation tool ahead of important meetings or use Sensaflow to ignite creativity, plus I can also achieve flow at will. It’s like my entire skillset has been fully unlocked. I’m accomplishing more, processing information better, and solving problems faster. The impact of my work is now more meaningful and I know I have multiplied my ability to make systemic change.
Helen Knight
Non-Profit Technology Advisor & Speaker