Teaching brains to

Teaching brains to

Advanced mobile solutions for peak performance, self-regulation and anti-aging

Advanced mobile solutions for peak performance, self-regulation and anti-aging

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Apps to supercharge your brain

See your brain in action, engage vital networks, attain deep states. Precise activation is the key to rapid neuroplastic rewiring.

Focus like a pro

Stop multitasking. Develop bullseye focus. Accomplish more.

Improve and regain memory and speed

Strenghten your executive functions. Stay sharp, think fast and remeber more!

Be more creative and productive

Power up your imagination. Think outside-the-box. Feel the rush of inspiration!


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Join hundreds of satisfied customers who are using our brainwave training


There are many ways to boost your brain but nothing close to what xSensa is doing: they are turning sci-fi into reality.

Rui F., xSensa Super User

Fused Learning enthusiastically supports xSensaLabs, Inc in a mutually productive partnership to develop and deliver FlowWave as a powerful educational tool.

Richard T. CEO, Fused Learning

The training is going great! I really love doing​ it and find the results very tangible. Yesterday I was able to stay 80+% in the zone while actually writing!

Jill G., xSensa Wizard User

I was in the Creative Zone and it felt awesome! I am starting to think in ways that I didn’t before. I feel great and that’s what matters.

Snezana V., xSensa Super User

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Corporate Wellness. Therapy. Education

Impress your clients with custom-fit brain programming ranging from emotional balance to peak performance. Use data metrics to create personalized training. Transform the life of every client.

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