Sensaride app strengthens the frontal brain network that is responsible for higher cognitive functions such as memory, attention and executive control


Do you remember the time before physical fitness became mainstream? Now, gyms are everywhere, used by millions of people who care about their body’s strength, endurance, flexibility and longevity. The time has come for us to put that same care into our mental abilities, pushing our minds beyond their previous capabilities. xSensa’s program for cognitive enhancement uses brain sensing technology and scientifically proven algorithm to do exactly that.

Dynamic properties of the brain change as we age

It is common knowledge that aging process involves gradual loss of mental abilities. It is much less known that these changes begin as early as the late 20s. After all, the effects on memory, flexibility, problem solving and ability to handle complexity and learn new things, usually dont’ become obvious until late 50’s. Cogntive tests, however, are designed to measure these effects precisely and they show that sublte gradual decline onsets soon after the brain completes its full development. The good news is: each one of us can change this trajectory for ourselves.

Dynamic properties of the brain change as we age

Performance and Productivity

Cognitive performance is just as important for businesses as it is for individuals. It impacts productivity, decision making, innovation, problem solving and leadership. Cognitive testing is a standard part of the hiring process in modernized companies. But once you hire smart people, wouldn’t you want to enhance, support and promote their mental abilities? The good news is, with Sensaride, people of all ages can enhance their cogntition.

Performance and Productivity

Our solution

Sensaride strengthens the frontal executive network, a dynamic pathway associated with higher cognitive functions. The app works in conjunction with a lightweight headset and measures brain activity in real time, allowing the user to precisely activate this brain network. Repeated activation rapidly leads to neuroplastic strengthening and re-inforcement.

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Our solution

Why is this important?

Let’s take the analogy with core abdominal muscles. Target them with specific exercises for a few weeks and you will notice a difference in your posture, balance and overall physical performance. Exercising your frontal network, the “core muscle” of the brain, works in the same way. It makes you effectively sharper and younger.

Why is this important?
Brain games don’t work

Games train narrow skills. They don’t improve real-world holistic cognition. This has been proven. Period.

Lifestyle changes are not sufficient

According to popular belief, exercise, diet and cognitive training can improve cognition. A couple of large cohort studies, however, have shown no difference.

No time wasted

xSensa is about precision. Our app shows your brain activity in real-time. If you start slacking – you’ll know.


You are in charge, the app only shows you the data. Benefits from the exercises have long-term, lasting effects.

Prove to yourself

Test your cognitive abilities and record your personal benchmarks. As you reach new milestones, Sensaride will promt you to test yourself again.


Measurable improvements can be seen after only a few hours of training.

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