SensaFlow is designed to help you recenter and rediscover balance in your life, when you need it most, by transporting you into an immersive, meditative state and helping you restore your creativity and motivation. When you feel like you can’t tackle the task at hand, SensaFlow targets the specific part of your brain network associated with positive emotions, allowing your subconscious and conscious to flow back into a state of unity.
SensaFlow coaches you through daily brain training activities that enable you to observe your brain waves, and develop areas in your brain associated with improved creativity, motivation, and positive emotions. With an innovative, lightweight headset, the SensaFlow mobile app is a set of personalized mental exercises that generate dynamic neurofeedback supported by xSensa’s adaptive brain training algorithms. By targeting the area of your brain associated with positive emotions, SensaFlow enables you to rediscover your creativity and motivation. Backed by scientifically-proven technology that works and achieves real-life results, SensaFlow is a unique tool that will help you recenter and allow your conscious and subconscious to flow back into a state of unity.