Did you know that you can improve your mental focus and emotional regulation by exercising the top-most area in your brain, the Prefrontal Cortex?

Yes, this area of the brain is like a CEO in that it orchestrates overall informa- tion flow, and in particular, cognition and emotions. Strong PFC is a hallmark of youthful, exceptional performance and wellbeing.

How can you exercise it?

With access to Prefrontal Cortex signaling patterns in real time, you can not only observe it, you can strength- en it. In fact, you can strengthen specific aspects of the activation patterns that are relevant to you.

How do you access it?

For this you need a headset that listens to the electrical signals generated by your PFC, and a special algorithm that extracts only the relevant information. You also need guidance on how to increase activation. This is called self-directed neuromodulation, because you are changing your brain, not only in the moment, but with repetition, you will create lasting changes and impact.

How do you know it is working?

There are two ways of measuring the impact. Short-term, you will feel clear and refreshed after every exercise. Long-term, your brain will perform better, and this can be measured objectively.

How do you measure improvement?

Many of our aspects of your cognitive-emotional performance can be measured using simple tests of attention, mental flexibility, executive function, memory and processing speed. The tests are simple, but they are linked to your performance in daily life. How you make decisions, do you spend too much time overthinking, are you composed or reactive, can you focus when necessary, can you relax when needed, can you deal with lots of complex information and moving parts? As you keep exercising, you will complete the test from time to time and see the impact for yourself.

How do you know it is not a placebo?

Because we did the work to prove it. You can read more about scientific validation of our SensarideTM algorithm here.

At xSensa, we think of mental performance and wellbeing as something that is measur- able and attainable. We believe that every human can achieve their full potential, if they can have access into their own brain. We provide the tools, you do the work. Our clients are experiencing major transformations within a month of exercising. You can read some of the testimonials here.